Meet Mike.

While most of his peers were in high-flying positions, he was still in a military job, hogging on to his “iron rice bowl”, unsure of his direction in life despite feeling unfulfilled.

Despite that, he knew he had to take his career in his own hands and constantly sought to upgrade himself for the eventual transition. When an opportunity finally came, he took it with both hands and never looked back.

Today, Mike has coached, trained and spoken to thousands regionally despite his relatively young age, having coached a wide range of demography from students to C-Level Executives. He breaks all limiting beliefs behind thriving in an industry that places a huge emphasis on age and transferable skills and experience.

Mike dedicates most of his time to improve the performance for them to live a life they deserve in the area of career, finances, and relationships.

He is a certified Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) and International Coaching Federation (ICF) coach having trained and coached both SMEs and MNCs across the region.

What Do People Say About Mike?

I really like Mike's sharing to the students. He's very sincere, very personable and the stories he told speaks to the students' hearts.

I could see the students very focused in his talk. I'm glad that we invited Mike and I think he will be an inspiration to all the youths.”

Mdm Leong

HOD, Dunman High School

I have been to a Project Management Institute Singapore Chapter with the speaker Mike Li. My objective was to get awareness on this topic of Career Branding.

Among what I learned is, how to get more conscious of my Career Brand by taking into account, for example, the projection I give vs the perception people could have. Other important lessons I learned is how to engage discussions with C-Level executives online and offline in general. Mike inspired me and I updated my LinkedIn page, make it more aligned with my career branding objectives.

Mike was very engaging, humourous, insightful, gave practical tips and shared real life example. I definitely recommend him to help you on who to get in projects' of your dream 🙂

Theophile Abbas PMP

Product Delivery Manager – Tech Lead, Clever Age

I find Mike extremely reliable and as someone whom I can talk to freely about on financial advisory and life coaching.

Whenever I have some questions about the career issues, he is able to share some alternative ideas which I have not thought of. His advice is invaluable!

Adrian Yap

Data Analyst, PwC

I will like to share how this wonderful gentleman helped to bring me to where I am now.

A few months ago, I find myself in another career crisis. I made another transition after a failed career endeavor. Plagued with the labels of inexperienced and of course, "millennial", it was not a smooth-sailing journey as I tried so many different ways to land myself a job; met up with so many career coaches but none seemed to be a good fit to help me achieve my career goals. The job search was taking longer than I expected so I decided to place my one last bet on another career coach.

I got connected to Mike when he asked me about a job posting for his client in a community Facebook group. It wasn't until much later that I decided to engage him to help me with navigating my career. He was different from the previous career coaches I met as he listened carefully to my journey in job search and understood my story. He has shown me ways I can improve on which other coaches had not done and shortly after, I landed in a job which was fully aligned to my career goals.

If you know of someone who needs that extra boost in their career path, Mike Li Yichuan is the guy!

Tristan Foo

Learning & Development Specialist, GovTech

We are all diamonds waiting to be polished. I remembered the first time I met Mike, he showed me who I can become instead of who I was back then. Sure, you may be covered up in layers of rocks, sand, and dust, but know that all you need is the right polish to make you shine. I am grateful that Mike was the polish, the one that was able to remove the rocks that blinded me from seeing the light. Mike uses abundance coaching that helped me to see opportunities over obstacles. With a switch to an abundance mindset, I now see doors of possibilities waiting for me to open. 
If you feel stuck and obstructed in life, allow Mike to polish you into a gemstone that will shine, bright like a diamond.
Malvin Tok

National Serviceman

Mike is a highly impressive success coach who is superbly adept at utilising social media tools to enhance his client's online image and outreach. Constantly updated on the latest technological trends with regard to training and coaching, I would highly recommend Mike especially if you need someone to guide you on how to use tools such as Linkedin to optimize your corporate profile. Beyond his professional capacities, Mike is a good listening ear and is a great sounding board to bounce ideas off.

Regardless of whatever is keeping you awake at night, you would be amazed at his astute suggestions that'll give you new refreshing perspectives that'll make you more productive both professionally and personally.

Wayne Chan 钟建俊

Professional Emcee

I heard Mike speak as an industry speaker at an event. His concept of The Biggest Problem and 4 “I” model was simple to understand and made me realise the kind of mindset I should and should not be bringing into any communication. Mike also comes across as a confident and persuasive speaker, and he illustrates his points with concise and relevant facts. I personally enjoyed his speech and look forward to more of it.

Danny Loh

Manager, Corporate Administration and Human Capital at JTB

Mike is a very warm and kind-hearted person. I am attracted by his genuine compassion and empathy for the needs of others. It’s not easy to find such traits, especially in today’s world.

During our coaching session, Mike asked me 2 powerful questions that gave me that boost of strength to make my dream from Words to Action, which I now apply constantly. Thanks, Mike, from the bottom of my heart, for your continuous support, availability for assistance and words of encouragement.

Philip Ang

Technology Educator at SingBiz

What set Mike apart from other trainers is his genuine care and compassion for the needs of others. He has shown me ways on how I can improve in term of branding and constantly added value to me despite only attending just a workshop with him. Thanks Mike, really appreciate that!

Kieran Yeo

Financial Consultant

I just want to give a shout-out to Mike Li Yichuan. I couldn't be more grateful to have approached you for career advices. The counsel given was not only relevant and practical, they too, allowed me to realize my blindspots and are thought-provoking. You are such an inspiring figure. 

Most importantly, your heart for people is gold!

Isabelle Wong

Facilities Executive, Shell Petroleum

I was impressed by Mike’s positive energy. Mike always wears a smiling face and this is a good quality to make everyone around him feels at ease. His professional skills as career developer coach and financial planning coach are exceptional.

He doesn’t say much; when he listens to what you say, he is able to guide you to the point effortlessly. His caring observation makes him unique as a coach because he takes every little thing seriously. I was always amazed that he remembers in details about my story and I feel that he does truly care.

I hereby highly recommend Mike for efficient Speaker, NLP Coach, Global Career Development Facilitator or Financial Planning Coach as Mike always makes sure everyone feel important and comfortable. Mike earns my highest recommendation and he will deliver ever more to everyone.

Rada Nichsirijiraphak

Founder, Rada Impressions

I saw Mike's videos about the interview tips on LinkedIn, so I checked out his profile and realize that what he is doing now is very similar to what I want to do in the future as well - be a life coach. I reached out to Mike and he was kind enough to accept my invitation. 

Mike uses his life coaching method to help me gain clarity of where I am in my life right now and what I can do to get to where I want to be. I also managed to learn some strategies on how to manage my money more efficiently. Definitely recommend whoever that seeks life, career and money coaching to talk to Mike!

Wong Zi Shuen

Co-Founder & President, Nanyang Blockchain Association

Met up with Mike for a discussion and he was able to help me gain clarity in my direction for my operations. And also, I was guided towards shifting my mindset to overcome limiting beliefs by looking at situations from another perspective and eventually coming up with strategies to take my business forward.

Alexander Koh